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Safely Using & Transporting Co2 Cylinders


Number One

Check the cylinder label and confirm that it is  Co2. Make sure you are familiar with the hazards and properties of Co2 gas.


Numbe 2Take time to understand the properties and hazards associated with  transporting or using your Co2 gas bottle. If in doubt ask the supplier.  Know what to do in an emergency – evacuate and then ventilate the vehicle/room/workspace. Co2 is an inert non flammable gas heavier than air so would remain at floor level until ventilated


Number 3Cylinders are big heavy lumps, handle with extreme care. If you are moving the large 5ft cylinders, use a trolley, or seek help. Close the valve before moving.. Do not drop cylinders. Never try to catch a falling cylinder. Keep Children and pets away from areas where Co2 cylinders are stored, handled or used. 


Numbe 4An open vehicle is recommended for the carriage of Co2 cylinders. If a closed vehicle is used ensure there is adequate ventilation. It is recommended to drive with a window open. Secure the cylinder in the boot/load area and remove cylinder from vehicle as soon as possible. Children must not be carried in the same car as Co2 cylinders.


Numbe 5Keep cylinders cool and away from heat sources, Although Co2 is non flammable storing it is still a problem. It is a pressurised Gas approx. 830 psi stored as a liquid inside the cylinder, if the liquid Co2 gets too warm (above 25c) the safety valve is liable to blow If this happens the cylinder will need re-testing.

  Do not allow the cylinder to have prolonged exposure to the sun


Number 6Use in a well ventilated area. Do not smoke or use direct heat on a cylinder. Turn the cylinder valve off when it is not being used. Secure cylinders firmly to a wall and prohibit children and pets from the work area.


Number7Thank you for reading this basic guide for the handling and use of Co2 and other cylinders.

Please read the B.C.G.A. Publications guides (link on most pages).

 Alway remember Play it Safe if one of these cylinders falls   on a child's foot it will crush it, 

  What would happen if it fell on the childs head?


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