Cellar Gas & Pub Gas

Gas Bottle 6.35kg 14lb of Co2

Food Safe

Gas Bottles for All Vending Machines.

Supplies to Cafes, Restaurants, Clubs and all other types of catering/leisure outlets.

£20 to re-charge your own cylinder.

If you haven't got your own cylinders we can supply one.

All cylinders must have current safety certificate to be recharged

Phone to speak to a person



 All Bottles Must have Current Safety Collar 

Co2 cylinder safety collar sheet, colours: red, blue, yellow, black and white. Shapes: round. Hexagon and square. Each colour Shape has a different expiry year


  • No rental charges.
  • Tested cylinders.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Local collect point.
  • Food grade dispenser gas. 

Hassle Free Filling

Co2 cylinder label showing: ‘rent free’, purchased from Yorkshire Co2 gas. Carbon dioxide ‘E290’, Co2 ‘1013’, fire hazard ‘2’, emergency phone number

Co2 Refills in Doncaster

Cylinder Refill/Exchange

Available 7 Days a Week

3.00kg £15.00

6.35kg £20.00

20.00kg £32.00

22.5kg £35,00

10:30am to 7:30pm

Sunday 12am - 6pm

PLease phone first

01302 366332

Our cylinder only contain 'food grade' Co2 as supplied to restaurants, pubs, clubs etc. and do not contain low grade Co2 used in Fire Extinguishers, why risk health issues by using cheap low grade Co2

Contact & Collection Details

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Co2 Refills in Sheffield

Cylinder Refills

234 Holme Lane 

Sheffield S6 4JZ   

Open 9am Till 4pm

Mon To Friday

Sat 10am  Till 4pm

Not Open Sundays

Only legal 'in date'

cylinders will be filled.

If in doubt Phone First

0114 285 2477

Sheffield Co2 cylinder refills for paint balling, welders. Aquariums, home brew enthusiasts

Co2 Cylinder Sizes

Pipe Freezing Cylinder

for Plumbers 

'Rothenberger RoFrost'

Co2 cylinder with dip tube fitted

22.5kg Co2 Cylinders

Professional Welders

2 X 22.5kg co2 cylinders

20.0kg Co2 Cylinders

Professional Welders

3 X 20kg co2 cylinders

Dip Tube Cylinders

For Dry Ice

Pipe Freezing

Paint Balling


Photo of Dip Tube Co2 Bottle