Rent Free Co2 Cylinders for Yorkshire

Points to consider when purchasing a Co2 cylinder


Number oneDoes the person offering the cylinder actually own it? Has it a label on saying 'Rent Free' and the suppliers name and phone number.

Many cylinders offered for sale on places like eBay are actually stolen property they have been 'borrowed' (stolen) from pubs clubs restaurants etc. 

These cylinder are not the property of the landlord but are supplied and owned by the pubs gas supplier.


Numbe twoSize & weight.

Can you accommodate this size cylinder? Most pub size cylinders are about 700mm to 800mm high and weigh about 

12kg to 20kg when full.


Number 3Buy from a reputable supplier, they are not available from shops but from specialist suppliers stored in warehouses or transit units at private addresses. There are plenty on eBay all over the country. Don't buy the beat up old bottles from

he private auctions, NOBODY WILL RISK FILLING THEM.

Check the labels, does it say Co2 E290 & 'Rent Free'


Number 4

Can the cylinder be re-filled? All pressure cylinder have to have periodic testing to prevent explosions and other serious accidents occurring. They can only be tested by government approved testing stations, Co2 cylinders are tested to: 

BS EN1968:2002

If the cylinder does not have a collar that is 'in date' the cylinder con not be re-filled. All cylinders have plastic collars between the valve and the cylinder

Co2 Gas BottlesAs you see from this picture hexagonal green collar expires (2022) and the round black collar expires (2017)

Besides the shape and colour of the collar there is a stamped re-test date on the collar.


Number 5A number of the national gas suppliers are now insisting the independent filling stations refuse to fill their cylinders.

Only buy a bottle labeled 'Rent Free' CO2  E290 with the emergancy contact details on.

Try and obtain a receipt for your purchase, we supply email receipts with the Testing Certificate Date & Number on Proving to any filling station you have legitimately purchased the cylinder from a legal supplier of tested Co2 Cylinders.


When looking for a pressurised cylinder remember the warning ‘Caveat emptor’ Latin for "Let the buyer beware"

in other words

you bought it, you keep it.

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Hassle Free Filling

Co2 cylinder label showing: ‘rent free’, purchased from Yorkshire Co2 gas. Carbon dioxide ‘E290’, Co2 ‘1013’, fire hazard ‘2’, emergency phone number

Co2 Refills in Doncaster

Co2 Gas Cylinder

'Beer Gas' 'Cellar Gas' Refill/Exchange

Available 7 Days: Mon- Sat from 10:30am-Sunday from 12:00 noon


3.00kg £15.00

6.35kg £20.00

20.00kg £32.00

22.5kg £35,00

10:30am to 7:30pm

Sunday 12am - 6pm

PLease phone first

01302 366332

N.B. Our cylinders are 'pump' filled so you get the full weight of Co2, if cylinders are 'pressure filled' you will only have between half to two thirds of the amount you're paying for.

Our cylinder only contain 'food grade' Carbon Dioxide (Co2) as supplied to restaurants, pubs, clubs etc. and do not contain low grade Co2 used in Fire Extinguishers, why risk health issues by using cheap low grade Co2

Contact & Collection Details

Co2 Refills in Sheffield

N.B. This company is not affiliated, associated or controlled by Yorkshire co2gas.

Cylinder Refills

234 Holme Lane 

Sheffield S6 4JZ   

Open 9am Till 4pm

Mon To Friday

Sat 10am  Till 4pm

Not Open Sundays

N.B. these cylinders are pressure filled so you may only receive 50% to 70% of the correct weight. You need to ask what weight you are recieving.

Only legal 'in date'

cylinders will be filled.

If in doubt Phone First

0114 285 2477

Sheffield Co2 cylinder refills for paint balling, welders. Aquariums, home brew enthusiasts

Co2 Cylinder Sizes

Pipe Freezing Cylinder

for Plumbers 

'Rothenberger RoFrost'

Co2 cylinder with dip tube fitted

22.5kg Co2 Cylinders

Professional Welders

2 X 22.5kg co2 cylinders

20.0kg Co2 Cylinders

Professional Welders

3 X 20kg co2 cylinders

Cylinders-Syphon Tube

For Dry Ice

Pipe Freezing

Liquid Dispensing 

Paint Balling


Photo of Dip Tube Co2 Bottle